About the program
SportJudo is a nationally known judo club welcomed into the Yamasaki family in September 2012. Our focus is on sport judo--big throws, submission techniques, and pins. We regularly compete in tournaments. A number of our members have won national trophies. We also have Fairfax County Police officers and soldiers who train with us as part of their self-defense regimen. Judo is a formidable (and fun) style of self-defense and sport for students from six to sixty. Stop by and see what judo can do for you!
We welcome newcomers! We've got classes for all ages and skill levels. Competition is encouraged, but not required. Nobody is too weak or too out of shape to join. We provide beginners with training in the basics. As students progress, they are gradually phased into advanced drills and live judo grappling. We recognize that different ages and different body types adjust at a different pace and are willing to work with each student to maximize that student's potential.
Check out our kids program, JudoKids. We have a long history of teaching judo to children, teens, and young adults. Some of our kids have grown into nationally ranked competitors.
Judo is one of the oldest Japanese martial arts and is also an Olympic sport. The focus on athletic competition forces the judo player to develop techniques that work against an opponent resisting 100%. An athelete scores points by throwing the opponent onto the opponent's back, by pinning the opponent, or by submitting the opponent with an armbar or choke. Unlike some of the more stylized traditional martial arts, Judo does not rely on aesthetic judgments by masters to determine which technique is better. As with wrestling and other grappling sports, we test our techniques in the crucible of competition. For this reason, competition is a key part of the Judo curriculum, but developing proper technique is essential. Our classes combine technique drills with live competiton, known as "randori". Randori is the laboratory within which we test and develop effective technique, technique proven to work effectively against an opponent.
Submission techniques in BJJ, Sambo, and submission wrestling evolved primarily from judo kansetsu waza. Each has taken these techniques in a new direction. Many of us have seen kansetsu waza used to devastating effect by UFC fighters. Arm bars and chokes remain an important part of judo and are a core part of our curriculum. Sport Judo also offers today's grapplers and MMA atheletes a unique opportunity to work on throws that use the gi. Our training routinely includes drills that focus on the transition from a throw to groundwork. A number of competitors in other grappling styles train with our club because of the friendly, but competitive environment that we offer. We welcome wrestlers and BJJ players to our club. Come by and check us out!

Maurice Allen, MBE

Maurice represented the UK in freestyle wrestling at the 1976 Olympics and at numerous other world competitions in judo and wrestling. He began as a formidable competitor in the Scottish style of wrestling unique to his homeland and developed into a grappler of international stature. Maurice was the first Scot and first U.K. citizen to win gold in amateur world wrestling competiition since the 1908 London Olympic Games. In recognition of his competitive and coaching contributions to British wrestling, Queen Elizabeth appointed Maurice Allan to Most Excellent Order of the British Empire ("MBE") in 1975. His native Scotland picked him as the greatest Scottish wrestler of the 20th century.
- Founder, BE ALERT (Become Experienced -- Advanced Law Enforcement Reaction Techniques)
- 8th Degree Black Belt, Judo
- Awarded Most Excellent Order of the British Empire ("MBE") by H.M. Queen Elizabeth in 1975 for Outstanding Services to Sport in 1975
- Senior Examiner and Coach, British Judo Association
- Board of Examiners, USJF Shufu Black Belt Association
- Master Teacher Certificate, Class A, U.S. Judo, Inc.
- Head Coash, Edinburgh University Judo Club
- Head Coach, Heriot Watt University Judo Team
How to Join
Contact Neto, or Maurice at 703-407-1691,or sensei@sportjudo.com. You are welcome to come observe a class anytime (please let us know when you are coming), or you can sign up for a free class and participate directly.