Are you considering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
You can walk-in to any Yamasaki Springfield class, speak to the instructor, sign the waiver form, and train with us that day for free. You can be confident that we have met and trained with hundreds of uncertain newcomers, including every one of our current students. Our instructors and students are not interested in hurting anyone, or proving anything about our art, but rather sharing our dedication to this unique sport. Hopefully, we'll show you enough about our discipline, classes, students, and academy to convince you to come back.
How to join us
  1. Call or email Neto (at xxx-xxx-xxxx, so he can arrange the best day for you to come in, and/or let other instructors know in advance to expect you.
  2. If you prefer to observe first, wear lightweight clothes (it gets hot in the gym) and prepare to go barefoot (no shoes on the mat). It's more boring than training with us, but you'll see how things works.
  3. If you would like to try training, which we encourage, print out and fill in the waiver form, and bring it with you. Bring or wear a moderatley close-fitting t-shirt (loose shirts can rip), light sweat pants or surf shorts (athletic shorts tend to be too loose) and barefeet. Bring sandals or flip-flops for walking off the mat. Bring a sweat towel, and a water or gatorade.
  4. Park anywhere and come on in. Tell anyone in a gi (our uniforms) that it's your first day and you'd like to speak with the instructor.You'll find all our students friendly and willing to help. Even this guy.
Your first day
You will participate fully in a regular class.
  • We won't ask you to do any more conditioning or sparring than you can handle, or try any techniques that make you nervous or uncomfortable.
  • We will pair you with an advanced student who has trained with new students before, and will keep you safe from any accidental injury.
  • You will get a great, intense cardio, strength and flexibility workout during the 90 minute class. 
  • You will be sweaty and exhausted. The next day you will be sore in muscles you didnt know you had.
  • You will also be impressed by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and it's possibilities for your personal goals.
After your first class, contact Neto and let him know if you'd like to continue. He'll discuss our various price and contract options.